Collaborative Divorce:

The Compassionate Choice for You and Your Family

During this difficult time, what is important to YOU?

  • Stay Out Of Court?
  • Less Stress?
  • Cooperative Involvement?
  • Controlling Costs?
  • Quicker Results?

Then CCDG could be exactly what YOU are looking for.

CT Collaborative Divorce

Because you would like to:

  • Stay out of court.
  • Work in a respectful, private and dignified environment.
  • Insulate your children from the damaging effects of a high conflict divorce.
  • Retain your own attorney to advise and support you.
  • Voice your issues and concerns in a safe enrironment.
  • Take an active role in tailoring solutions to the particular needs of you and your family.
  • Access the skills, talents and experience of other professionals who can make a positive contribution to the process.
  • Reduce the risk and uncertainty of litigation.
  • Control costs.

Collaborative Divorce is a team approach that resolves disputes without going to court. In the Collaborative Divorce process, you are in control. Family stress is reduced and professional time is used more efficiently, often resulting in lower costs and quicker results.

Each professional has been trained in the collaborative process to focus on the clients’ best interests and to design constructive solutions which will safeguard the well-being of all family members.

Divorce Attorneys.  Financial Experts.  Mental Health Professionals.

Which are you looking for today?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to the adversarial divorce process where professionals and the spouses or partners commit in writing to work together to help the couple reach a divorce settlement out of court which addresses the needs and interests of the couple and their family.

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A Team Approach to Divorce That Resolves Disputes

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